Resize Photos Help

Why does the background of my photo appear black when using shadows or rounded corners?
Try changing the output format to PNG. JPG format can not display the transparency needed for shadows and rounded corners.
How long does it take to upload a photo?
Image upload speeds are determined by how large the filesize of your photo is and how fast your internet connection is.
What types of images can I upload?
You can upload the following file types to .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .psd
What is the quality setting used for?
The image quality setting determines the level of photo compression used. A higher quality setting will result in larger file sizes. Too low of a quality setting will cause the image to pixelate. The recommended output quality setting is somewhere between 60-80%.
Whay does an image get blurry when I increase the size?
When you try to increase the dimensions of a photo then pixels have to be added to the image and the resizer must make a best guess as to what color to make the additional pixels. For best results, only make photos smaller by decreasing the dimensions.